Setting up Bluetooth on Windows

IMPORTANT: Check the list of supported devices before using Bluetooth connections.

Bluetooth can be problematic on Windows computers mainly due to the fact that different computer manufacturers use different Bluetooth hardware and different Bluetooth software. All Bluetooth "stacks" are not supported (the most common ones are). 


This guide will assume you are using the Microsoft Bluetooth stack. If you aren't you can switch to it, or try to perform similar tasks with your stack.

1. Prepare your device

First, make sure your Android device is discoverable. Open Settings > Bluetooth.

2. Open "Bluetooth Settings"

Next, open the start menu and search for "Bluetooth Settings".

You should see a list of devices. If your device isn't in the list, then make sure it's discoverable.

3. Pair your device

Select your Android device in the list. If it isn't visible then open "Bluetooth" on your Android device to make sure it's discoverable. Once pairing begins you should receive a popup on your PC and your phone. Verify that the codes are same and proceed.

4. Add the server

Your PC and device should now be paired. Start Unified Remote and add a server. Your PC should appear in the list of detected servers, as a Bluetooth server.

5. Troubleshooting

If any of the above steps don't work, unpair everything and try again. Bluetooth can be tricky sometimes.

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