Installing Unified Remote Server RPM via terminal

The "rpm" package of the server makes it easy to install Unified Remote Server on Linux using the RPM package manager. This is the default package manager on Red-Hat, Fedora,Debian, and other Debian flavors.

Download package

Start by downloading the package using curl or wget.

$ wget -O urserver.deb<id>

Replace <id> with the correct package for your system:

  • linux-x64-rpm
  • linux-x86-rpm

Replace "https://www." with "http://http." if you get SSL errors.

Install package

Install the package using the rpm command.

$ sudo rpm -Uhv urserver.rpm

The server will be installed into the following directory:


Logs and settings are stored in:


Auto-start support

The package includes a "desktop entry" for auto-starting the server, if you're system supports it.

Manual start/stop

To manually start or stop the server, use the following commands:

$ ./opt/urserver/urserver-start
$ ./opt/urserver/urserver-stop

Uninstall package

To uninstall the server, run the following dpkg command:

$ sudo rpm -e urserver

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