Sending special keyboard keys (oem)

If you're creating a widget, quick action, or a custom remote, and wish to send special keyboard keys, then you may have to use the "OEM" keys. OEM keys are special keyboard keys that vary by keyboard language. For example, the key used for "[" on an English keyboard may not be the same on a non-English keyboard.

Here is the list of OEM keys for an English keyboard. Note that you may have to combine these with "SHIFT" to access some keys.

OEM_1		;:
OEM_2		?
OEM_3		~
OEM_4		[{
OEM_5		\|
OEM_6		]}
OEM_7		'"
OEM_102		<>

You can compare this list with the layout of a US keyboard to find the correct OEM keys for your keyboard layout.

For example, if you want to simulate the button just to the left of the enter key, then we can see that it is the "single/double quote" key, which corresponds to OEM_7.

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